AKC seminar: From genetic variations to insights in the biology of obesity

Ruth LoosAugust Krogh Seminar

Professor Ruth Loos

University of Copenhagen, Denmark.


Genome-wide associations have identified more than 1,000 genetic loci associated with obesity-related traits.

This talk will review how these GWAS-identified loci are translated into new biology and what the remaining challenges are.

In addition, I will discuss how these genetic loci may be used to better characterize the causes of weight gain in individuals with obesity, and as such have the potential for tailored prevention and treatment strategies.


The genetics of obesity: from discovery to biology.


29 April 2022

14:00-15:00: Seminar and discussion
15:00-16:00: Post seminar servings and socializing


Auditorium 1, August Krogh Building, Universitetsparken 13, DK-2100 Copenhagen


Participation is free, but please register here.

For PhD students

PhD students participating in August Krogh seminars receive 0,2 ECTS per seminar


Jens Frey Halling, jefh@nexs.ku.dk

Jonas Møller Kristensen, jmkristensen@nexs.ku.dk 

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