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PhD courses at the August Krogh Club

The August Krogh Club will provide courses for PhD students.

PhD courses based on August Krogh Seminars

Some PhD courses will be based on the August Krogh seminars, where the PhD students will attend the seminars, read selected papers and discuss the topics in the group.

PhD students participating in August Krogh seminars receive 0,2 ECTS per seminar. An abstract will be posted on this web site in advance of an August Krogh seminar.

Students are expected to read the abstract and familiarize themselves with the topic so that they can engage in a discussion with the speaker. A list onto which students can sign their names will be present at each seminar.

Link to upcoming seminars.

PhD courses based on August Krogh Symposia

The August Krogh symposia will be introduced as a PhD course, where the PhD students will attend the meeting and present posters.

Link to upcoming symposia.

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