AKC Seminar: GDF15 in regulation of food intake and metabolism v/ Sebastian Beck Jørgensen

August Krogh Club Seminar

Principal Scientist Sebastian Beck Jørgensen

Global Obesity Research, Novo Nordisk, Denmark. 


Growth differentiation factor 15 (GDF15; also known as MIC-1) is a divergent member of the TGF-β superfamily and is associated with body-weight regulation in humans and rodents. However, the cognate receptor of GDF15 is unknown.

Here we show that GDF15 binds specifically to GDNF family receptor α-like (GFRAL) with high affinity, and that GFRAL requires association with the coreceptor RET to elicit intracellular signaling in response to GDF15 stimulation.

We also found that GDF15-mediated reductions in food intake and body weight of mice with obesity were abolished in GFRAL-knockout mice.

We further found that GFRAL expression was limited to hindbrain neurons and not present in peripheral tissues, which suggests that GDF15-GFRAL-mediated regulation of food intake is by a central mechanism. Lastly, given that GDF15 did not increase energy expenditure in treated mice with obesity, the anti-obesity actions of the cytokine are likely driven primarily by a reduction in food intake.


Associating GDF15/MIC-1 with appetite regulation

Discovery of the GDF15/MIC-1 receptor

Regulations of GDF15


6 September 2019

14:00-15:00: Seminar and discussion
15:00-16:00: Post seminar servings and socializing


Auditorium 1, August Krogh Building, Universitetsparken 13, DK-2100 Copenhagen


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Jonas Møller Kristensen, jmkristensen@nexs.ku.dk 

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