August Krogh on Tour at KU: Systems analysis of Insulin and Exercise Actions in Muscle and Fat

Professor David James

August Krogh on Tour at University of Copenhagen

Systems analysis of Insulin and Exercise Actions in Muscle and Fat

Professor David James Leonard P. Ullmann Chair of Metabolic Systems Bi, Charles Perkins Centre, School of Life & Environmental Sciences and Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney, Australia.


Defining cellular responses to acute perturbations is of central interest in biology. We have exploited altered protein phosphorylation as a key response output as it is rapid, dynamic and quantifiable on a global scale. In light of our main interest in metabolism we have focused on the phosphoproteome of core metabolic tissues such as muscle and fat and how they respond to the major metabolic perturbations such as exercise and insulin. We have identified a vast array of phosphorylation changes in both cases. Surprisingly the majority of these phosphorylation events can neither be functionally accounted for nor ascribed to an upstream kinase. Thus, we refer to these as the ‘dark phosphoproteome’. By focusing on known core regulators of exercise and insulin, such as AMPK and Akt, we have defined novel features and substrates of these regulatory nodes. This has provided new insights into insulin and exercise action and offers a wealth of opportunities for future investigations.


Professor James currently holds the Leonard P Ullmann Chair in Molecular Systems Biology and he is the Domain Leader for Biology at the Charles Perkins Centre, University of Sydney.

Professor James has made major contributions to our understanding of insulin action. In the late 1980s he published a series of journal articles in Nature describing the identification and characterization of the insulin responsive glucose transporter GLUT4. 

Professor James then focused his efforts on unveiling the cellular and molecular control of insulin-stimulated glucose transport. He has also made contributions in the area of SNARE proteins, signal transduction and more recently in systems biology. He has won several awards including the Glaxo Wellcome Medal for Medical Research and the Kellion medal for outstanding contributions to Diabetes research.

In 2007 he was elected as a fellow of the Australian Academy of Science and was awarded the NSW Premier Prize in Excellence in Medical Biological Sciences in 2016. He is on the editorial board of a number of prestigious journals and he is regularly invited to speak at key international meetings on diabetes and metabolism.


11 November 2019

15:15-16:15: Seminar and discussion
16:15-17:00: Post seminar servings and socializing


Aud. B086, Københavns Professionshøjskole, Sigurdsgade 26, Kbh. N


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