AKC Symposium: Rising stars in physiology

August Krogh Club Symposium 2019

In 2019, the 4th August Krogh Club Symposium is entitled “Rising stars in physiology”. The symposium will host 20 young research talents that will present and discuss issues of physiology and metabolism in context of their own research disciplines. The speakers represent research field ranging from genetics, endocrinology, microscopy and the physiology of the nervous system, as well as molecular, cardiovascular, mithochondrial and adipose tissue physiology.

The aim of the symposium is to display young talented research and inspire other upcoming research talents as well as to  encourage scientific networking and socializing among the participants and the invited speakers.


28 November, 08:30 - 29 November, 17:30


Registration is closed.


The Royal Danish Academy, 35 H.C. Andersens Boulevard, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Organized by


Anne Lykke Poulsen, apoulsen@nexs.ku.dk