AKC Summer Scholarship

AKC Summer Scholarships are aimed at stimulating the active involvement of talented young scientists in promising research projects. The scholarships can be used to finance the salary primarily of graduated bachelors during the following summer period or candidates (pre-PhD) within the first 4 month after achieving the master's degree. The scholarships are not granted if this postpones or prolongs the educational progress.

Applicants are expected to be very talented and engaged in an ambitious research project headed by a senior VIP with AKC membership. It is a requirement, that the project is sufficient to support the publication of at least one peer-reviewed scientific report. Also, the involvement of the student has to be sufficient to qualify for a co-authorship (according to the Guidelines for Good Scientific Practice (pdf, page 31-32).

Specified guidelines

  • The scholarship can only be awarded once to the same student.
  • The Senior VIP is responsible for administration of the scholarship, and upon request should be able to document that the scholarship is appropriately used.
  • The AKC Steering Committee is evaluating the application and decides who will be granted a summer scholarship.
  • Students granted an AKC Summer Scholarship are announced on the AKC web, and contacted directly (including supervisor) within 4 weeks after the application deadline.
  • The funding has to be used within 1 year of receiving the scholarship and it has to be used for the project specified in the application.
  • The Summer Scholarships only support salary (either full or part time), and must not cover experimental/laboratory work (no travel costs, no running cost, etc).