Symposium: Celebration of August Krogh's Nobel Prize

August Krogh Symposium

August Krogh was one of the great and influential scientists within natural science. This two days symposium will celebrate the 100th anniversary of his Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 2020.

The organisers are preparing a program with presentations by lead senior experts within Physiology of the capillary network, Regulation of tissue perfusion, Exercise/work physiology, Regulation of metabolism, Insulin biology, Membrane transport / osmoregulation, Epithelia transport, Zoophysiology as well as within August Krogh in historic perspectives.

Welcome to this tribute to the scientist August Krogh!


8-9 September 2020.


Registration opens in Autumn 2019.


Novo Nordisk Foundation, Tuborg Havnevej 19, 2900 Hellerup, Denmark


The program will be finalised during Autumn 2019.

Organized by


Project coordinator Anne Lykke Poulsen,