Matilde Ea Madsen – University of Copenhagen

Matilde Ea Madsen

Role of glycogen for substrate utilization at rest

Thanks to the AKC summer scholarship I got the opportunity to continue on the project investigating the molecular mechanism involved in glycogen supercompensation after glycogen emptying through acute exercise. Further the insulin sensitivity during the glycogen depleted, basal and supercompensated state was investigated. The project is still in progress, but has until now shown an upregulation of glycogen synthase activity and AMPK while supercompensating.

During my bachelor I did not have time to participate in the testing of all the subjects, but the AKI scholarship made this possible and to do some laboratory analysis of the samples as well. In the laboratory I became familiar with Western Blotting in particular through analysis of the muscle biopsies collected. In addition I got a bigger insight in experimental methods, processing samples and in laboratory work and researching in general. It was interesting to get the opportunity to investigate connections between the data and thereby getting a deeper insight into the topic, which was not possible during my limited participation while doing my bachelor.

By becoming more skilled in the experimental methods and laboratory work it has given me a great advantage on my master in Human Physiology. Furthermore it has improved my CV and encouraged me to continue researching.