Mads Bau Hansen – University of Copenhagen

Mads Bau Hansen

Changes in insulin sensitivity during glycogen super compensation in human skeletal  muscle

During my master thesis I was a part of a study investigating the mechanism behind glycogen super compensation in human skeletal muscle. In this study we investigated the regulation of whole-body insulin sensitivity with different concentrations of glycogen in prior exercised muscle using the hyperinsulinemic euglycemic clamp.

We also analyzed muscle tissue to understand the regulation of GS-expression and activity during a five-day glycogen recovery following a glycogen depleting exercise bout using one-legged exercise. The study led to a deeper understanding of the interplay and regulation of GS and AMPK in glycogen resynthesis and insulin sensitivity.

The August Krogh Center Scholarship made it possible for me to continue working on the project and analyze muscle samples in the laboratory. Through this work I adapted laboratory skills and a deeper understanding of the scientific working methods used in physiologic research.