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Lykke Keldsted Bøgsted Clausen

Nanoliter osmometry in tardigrades

The AKC scholarship gave me the possibility to perform experimental tests on the tardigrade Echiniscoides sigismundi’ ability to osmoregulate when exposed to different levels of osmotic stress. However the method that could elucidate this mechanism showed to require more refinements to achieve reliable data when working with E. sigismundi.

Instead I continued my research focusing on body volume regulation in response to osmotic stress in E. sigismundi, an interesting topic I had been working on in my bachelor thesis. From this we could acquire knowledge about the body volume adjustment (indication of osmoregulative abilities) together with survival rate in a gradient of different salinities. The results obtained from the experiments were very intriguing and are expected to be submitted in a paper concerning osmobiosis in E. sigismundi later this year.

In addition the AKC Scholarship gave me the opportunity to continue another exiting topic from my bachelor thesis about inducing cyst formation in E. sigismundi. Cyst formation in response to stress exposure has never been shown in this species; however, our new data suggests this type of stress response to be a far more frequent event.  The data has now been written into a manuscript and submitted and I am the first author.

From this research I have learned new techniques e.g. the handling of metazoan microorganisms. I was trained in "out of the box-thinking" when meeting new challenges in the experimental work and I learned about the procedure of writing an article. All together this has improved my laboratory skills, my CV and given me great motivation for pursuing a career in the field of research.