Lisbeth Liliendal Valbjørn Møller – University of Copenhagen

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Lisbeth Liliendal Valbjørn Møller

The involvement of GTPase Rac1 in passive stretch-induced glucose uptake in mouse muscle

Being awarded the AKC scholarship gave me the opportunity to continue on the research project investigating the signaling pathway involved in stretch-induced glucose uptake in mice skeletal muscle.

During my bachelor’s thesis it was discovered that the GTPase Rac1 partly regulates stretch-induced glucose uptake. However, further research was needed to elucidate the downstream signaling of Rac1. Thanks to the AKC Scholarship, I spent the summer holiday continuing the work on this project before starting on my master’s studies. The research project will eventually lead to a publication where I will be a co-author.

In that way, the award allowed me to become more skilled in the experimental methods and the laboratory work, as well as I became acquainted with new techniques during these months in the lab. Thereby this award has given me the best position to perform a fairly independent master’s thesis but has also encouraged me to continue within research when I graduate.