Dorte Enggaard Kristensen – University of Copenhagen

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Dorte Enggaard Kristensen

AMPK activation in single human muscle fibers during acute exercise

Thanks to the August Krogh Center Scholarship I got the opportunity to continue on the research project investigating AMPK expression and regulation in different human skeletal muscle fibers in response to acute exercise.

When working with single fibers and in this case pools of type I and type II fibers, limited amount of sample is obtained through many hours of preparation. During my master thesis, I therefore only had the time to do some of the laboratory analyses. The AKC scholarship made it possible to do further analyses and all data are currently included into a scientific paper in which I am granted a shared first authorship.

Besides the scientific advantages, the AKC scholarship also provided me with some time to fully consider and convince myself that I wanted to continue working with research – and the next step for me is therefore to apply for enrolment as a PhD student.