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Casper Skovgaard Andersen

Adaptation to a bout of high-intensity sprint training and strength training in combination - the influence of the sequence

Before being awarded the AKC scholarship I was very motivated to continue researching in the area of high intensity training. Now, having received the scholarship and working as a scientific research assistant the scholarship pays a great share of my salary. Hence, being awarded the scholarship gave me the chance to discover whether I was just motivated to continue researching or if I actually enjoyed working at the university. As foreseen, I do enjoy it and therefore the most significant contribution from the scholarship relates to me being fully convinced of this.

That said, the job is not yet completed. Being halfway done with the scholarship-project, I expect at least one article being based on the results obtained. It will provide a novel expansion of our knowledge of the acute physiological impact of repeated speed endurance training. So besides the enlightening effect on my own life and choice of career, the scholarship will have a very positive impact on the latter.

Personally, a PhD degree is the next aim. Thus, I would recommend anyone having the slightest interest in continued research to apply for this scholarship. For me, at least, it made a clarifying difference in terms of whether or not to choose an academic career.