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The August Krogh Club will host and support common facilities (core-facilities).

Decisions regarding the core-facilities (financial, equipment, maintenance and availability) are taken within the August Krogh Club. The daily management will be delegated to a Responsible Manager (RM).

At present three cores are indentified:

  1. Radioactivity Analyses Core (RM: Jesper Birk, NEXS,
  2. Animal Facility (RM: The User Council /“Brugerrådet” headed by Henriette Pilegaard, BIO,
  3. Animal Phenotypic Core (In collab. w/UNIK & NNF-CBMR (RM: Annette  Serup, NEXS,

The August Krogh Club envisions more cores to be established.

The August Krogh Club will create and maintain a list of equipments and expertise to which participants will have access.